Hey, what’s all the fuss about Climate Change?

Topic no 1 — ESG — Environment, Social and Governance

One thing that is clear is there is sense of purpose by Government, Businesses, and the Individual to be on the same page. Many Businesses have voluntarily adopted ESG principles which are based on UN SDG or forced by investors, coerced by staff or customers, and now by legislation.

Topic no 2 — Food Waste and Consumption

Let’s face it we live in the consumer age. We consume a lot without any regard to how the food got there.

Topic no 3 — Offsets into Trees and Agriculture

Currently, there is a big drive for companies to offset to Forests, Tree Plantings. While this is nice, in our evolution of ideas for Carbon Token, we come up with promoting the offset into agriculture as opposed to just trees. This has a much wider impact than just the Environment, but also deals with wasted resources, food and has a big social impact footprint.

Topic no 4 — Israel as the Impact or Scale-up Nation

At the COP26 Climate Change Conference in Scotland, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett pledged to mobilize Israel’s startup ecosystem to fight climate change.

In conclusion, I have presented 4 different solutions and approaches to fight not only climate change but also poverty and social aspects.

What we really need is awareness, education of tomorrow's leaders — our kids.

“If you see a darkness in the world then it is up to you to fix it”



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Jeffrey Levine

Jeffrey Levine

Jeffrey Levine provides CFO, Director, ESG Advisory Services through www.persofi.com and is a promoter of ideas and trends where Innovation meets ESG